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Polish-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Polish and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Naval ranks » answer
by Catesse (AU), 2013-08-23, 16:05  like dislike  Spam?  
There are problems with the entries for all naval ranks.
One is that British terms do not correspond to American terms.
Another is that Poland's six naval ranks (below the admirals) correspond to five in Britain, and they cannot be fitted into the same straitjacket. There has been a lot of argument about this on DE-EN, and not general consensus.
See the Polish site: Wikipedia(PL): Stopnie_wojskowe_w_Polsce
And the English wiki site: Wikipedia(EN): Polish_Armed_Forces_rank_insignia
The latter is correct in part, but hopelessly muddled in other parts.
This needs discussion and more research before any ranks are verified.
Please participate. Especially any naval or military specialist. (I shall try to refer this to a military history forum in which I sometimes participate.)
NATO  #721765
by Catesse (AU), 2013-08-23, 16:22  like dislike  Spam?  
I suppose that we should follow the "NATO Code", although the ranks do not necessarily correspond to the historical usage.
English: Wikipedia(EN): Royal_Navy_officer_rank_insignia
Polish: Wikipedia(PL): Stopnie_wojskowe_w_Polsce
by majaya (DE), 2013-08-23, 17:32  like dislike  Spam?  
Hi Catesse.

Thanks for your correction of my inputs.

So my inputs are the reason for this forum discussion.....

I  think using the  "NATO Code" will be the best type of Input for naval ranks. But we shall do different Inputs for "British Armed Forces" and for "United Staates Armed Forces". As you mentioned there are different names for these ranks.

I correct my remaining inputs with the help of Wikipedia, but I'm not a specialist in Military ranks. So I hope you have other sources to review my corrections.

Greetings from Germany
Thanks  #721810
by Catesse (AU), 2013-08-24, 03:35  like dislike  Spam?  
Thanks for your prompt response. Posts and inquiries on this site forum are usually met with deafening silence. It was too late for me to work through all the ranks last night, and today I am involved in other things. (We have a federal election in two weeks.) I just worked through a few easy entries, in order to try to reduce the volume, but there is a great problem with gaining the 10 points needed for verification.
Your work on both sites has been brilliant, especially for a newcomer. However, in addition to basics, there are certain customs that have become established, and it takes time to learn them all. On the DE-EN site, these have become so complicated and contentious that I refused to become involved in any entry where they might apply.
NATO naval ranks  #723265
by Catesse (AU), 2013-09-01, 15:57  like dislike  Spam?  
I have made a mess of these naval ranks. I apologise profusely. I am trying to sort them out.
There are some old entries that might need to be deleted.
Chopin meets Mozart! » answer
by oliver53 (DE), Last modified: 2013-07-29, 14:21  like dislike  Spam?  
For a literary project I need the Polish translation of the name of a synphony concert taking place in Warzawa. In English it is called: Chopin meets Mozart!

How would you translate that into Polish? Thanks a billion in advance for everybody able and willing to help!
Bad luck.  #718306
by Catesse (AU), 2013-07-30, 07:04  like dislike  Spam?  
Unfortunately, it is not a case of simply translating this title, but of finding out what the organisers of the concert are actually calling it. There are a number of possibilities, none of which googles.
If you have an actual date, it might be possible to find it by looking for online ticket sales.
Pure Fiction  #718310
by oliver53 (DE), Last modified: 2013-07-30, 07:36  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Catesse: It is pure fiction, taking place in 1977 when an American and a Polish orchestra were mounting together a classical concert in Warzawa. The English title had been first. At that time a cultural meeting of this kind had a political meaning as well. Mozart is standing for the West, Chopin (as a Polish composer) for the East. The idea was not only playing together but adopting and interpretating the other sides music and cultural heritage. An interesting approach, too, because their music is so different and comes from two different eras. --- That's what I made up for a new novel as a side plot, and I need a bilingual title for it. Mozart meets Chopin and ...

Thanks for your interest!
Meeting  #718318
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2013-07-30, 08:39  like dislike  Spam?  
Then I would go for "Chopin i Mozart spotkają się". (Chopin and Mozart meet each other.)
No guarantee. My Polish is pathetic, but hardly anybody else ever looks at this Forum. Good luck.
PS: Don't forget Chopin's passionate hatred for the Russians, who forced him out of his homeland.
Thanks a Billion!  #718320
by oliver53 (DE), Last modified: 2013-07-30, 08:55  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Catesse: Chopin as a way to move away from Russia - so was it meant by the Polish, back in 1977, and even more because of the fact that the concert is taking place in the gingerbread-styled Pałac Kultury - which has been Stalins personal present to the Polish people who loathed him.
Position of [dok.] [niedok.] » answer
by Catesse (AU), 2013-06-17, 06:24  like dislike  Spam?  
Please see forum discussion on EN-RU.
GL 16 re position of [dok.] [niedok.] has been changed on EN-PL has been changed.
There is no need to re-open old entries to change this, but please make a mental note for the future. As I see it, the tag should go as close as possible after the verb, with only short, necessary additions coming between them (się, + dat., etc.), but other material, such as disambiguations following the tag.
Any comments?
by admin (AT), 2013-06-17, 21:56  like dislike  Spam?  
My only comment is that, in terms of usability, it makes perfect sense to have a uniform solution across all the Slavic languages (even the ever-so-complex Russian) - similar to the way we handle impersonal verbs in the Romance languages, or infinitives in languages which don't use them as a dictionary form, and the like. :)
localization of the subjects » answer
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), Last modified: 2013-05-14, 11:41  like dislike  Spam?  
I noticed we still have alot of subject missing. Some have been added by me already, but not sure about all of them. I'll post them here and let's work it out together.

1. Advertising Language / Werbesprache

2. Armour / Rüstungen

3. Audiology / Audiologie, Akustik    ->  Audiologia <audio.>

4. Biblical / Biblisch  -> Biblijny <bibl.>

5. Bicycle / Fahrrad ->  Rower <row.>

6. Biotechnology / Biotechnologie  -> Biotechnologia <biotech.>

7. Climbing, Mountaineering / Bergsteigerei

8. Comics and Animated Cartoons / Comics und Zeichentrickfilme

9. Drugs / Drogen  -> Narkotyki <nark.>

10. Engineering / Ingenieurwissenschaften

11.Firefighting & Rescue / Feuerwehr & Rettungsdienst

12. Foodstuffs Industry / Lebensmittelindustrie

13. Heraldry / Heraldik -> Heraldyka  <herald.>

» show full text
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), 2013-05-09, 15:30  like dislike  Spam?  
I'll add my translations shortly and work in all the suggestions coming.

Once we found a pair, I'll localize it and delete it from the list.
New subject / General comments re Polish sites  #706765
by Catesse (AU), 2013-05-10, 15:24  like dislike  Spam?  
The more subject tags there are, the more cumbersome it becomes to work the site. This is especially the case with "empty" tags cluttering up a site. So, please do not enter new subject tags unless there are three or four entries to which it can be attached. (You can find possible entries by checking out DE-EN to see what useful entries might be there for the subject.) Some of the tags theoretically available are of very little use, and do not have many entries even on DE-EN.
There are a few changes of format that could well be made to improve the usefulness of the site. Some of them have been on my mind for a while, but I need to give the problems more thought. One concerns the plural of nouns, and the standardisation of the "osoba" comments - and removing these from nouns where they have no grammatical purpose....
» show full text
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), 2013-05-10, 16:24  like dislike  Spam?  
I never said we have to add all. We probably won't even find all the translations without a native.
Then again, I don't understand your reluctance towards changes Catesse. Having more options is not a bad thing and considering that EN/PL has 20k entries but not even the subjects localized shows that systematic work has to be done now. e.g. there are dozens of entries for ethnology and unless somebody takes a day of work, it will take a while to fill them in. Could have been done while adding / voting for them, would have saved 2 hours of my life atleast and more to come for the other entries.

The other topics regardings "osoba" / plural tags etc don't belong here and should be discussed somewhere else. The only changes I made were guideline-conform things, mostly in the EN column. There are also not "bad"...
» show full text
Future  #706822
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2013-05-11, 04:43  like dislike  Spam?  
I am very glad indeed to have you working on this site. You are very capable and energetic, and you work consistently. Over the past six months or so - or even longer - such qualities have been lacking on this site. Kis does a lot of voting, in bursts, and this is invaluable, but it is not enough on our own. We must have one or two native speakers.
You already have 200 verified votes and VP3 on this site, though I think not on DE-PL, so an increase in VP is no longer dependent on verification of votes. It is still important to me, because I am near the limit of the number of entries that I am allowed to make. I am not offended by this lack of verification, but it is detrimental to the site if I cannot make entries. (I have already made about half the total entries on this site. It gets a bit lonely.)
Now, I...
» show full text
Transitive verbs  #706824
by Catesse (AU), 2013-05-11, 05:05  like dislike  Spam?  
There is also a problem with transitive verbs. These are supposed to be tagged to distinguish them from intransitive verbs. Problem: the general situation with transitive veerbs in Polish is that they may take the Accusative Case in a positive statement and the Genitive Case in a negative statement.
I have no idea how this could be handled in order to show the situation clearly and concisely. The square peg of Polish grammar simply does not fit snugly into the round hole of Western European grammar (as handled on dict.).
Do other Slavonic languages have this same problem? If so, has it been solved, and how?
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), Last modified: 2013-05-11, 11:50  like dislike  Spam?  
I'll do some research on the plural and verbs, but if anything will be changed it has to wait till we get new users (recruited by us). The potential reopens coming with such a change are also a good basis to push someones votes. Once 2-3 ppl have VP5 its a easy thing. With one skype session you can get rid of dozens of old entries.

in X/HU I don't accept anything older than ~6month. If there isnt a crystalclear source the entry will be deleted or changed to something supportable. New entries come in every day and no translation is valuable enough to sit around for longer than a year.

Anyway "reactivating" such a sleeping pair takes time and right now there is just some things we can do.
I'll keep working my way through the entries and try to localize the subjects. You got another 150 slots free to make entries and the plural/verb problem will be figured out on the way.

EDIT: btw, what I mentioned goes for EN/PL aswell as DE/PL. It's always better to work trilingual. It alot more precise and efficient to work like this. Less work for the input/vote and both pairs grow at the same time, also attracting more users. Will just take abit till we can do some "clearning" with 2xVP5.
Bilingual  #706900
by Catesse (AU), 2013-05-11, 15:03  like dislike  Spam?  
I agree in principle with working on both languages at once. However, I cannot always manage to put on DE-PL something that I can do fairly easily on EN-PL, so I do what I can. Also, when I notice something in EN that I CAN manage on DE, then I enter it using DE-EN. You might try to pick up the ones that I miss.
Subjects  #710072
by Catesse (AU), 2013-06-03, 12:45  like dislike  Spam?  
In response to a challenge from justycja to this entry:
I have added the subject "textilia". This will make it necessary to go through some old entries and change or add this subject.
I think that you are right. We do need to add several more subjects, but gradually, as we find that we need them. By the way, congratulations on the work you have done getting DE-NL and DE-LA out of the Beta stage.
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), 2013-06-03, 19:20  like dislike  Spam?  
Thank you Catesse. I'll soon turn to X/PL, but at the moment I have to get through my exam period. My daily dose of goes into EN/HU and after that I'll finish what I started here. The reason I'm not even casually voting here is, that the entries take a decent time to verify. They are not quite basic vocabulary, which is afterall still missing in both PL pairs. There is space for 300 more words in the cache at the moment. Whenever you add some easy pairs, I'll vote in an instant :)

PS: I removed "textiles" from the list.
Different clients  #710236
by Catesse (AU), 2013-06-04, 12:23  like dislike  Spam?  
We are trying to cater for different types of users. Some will be beginners and schoolchildren, who need basic words. (Which they can find in any of the good Polish dictionaries online.) Some will be specialists and professionals looking for rare words; but we cannot prophesy or foresee what will be wanted. From time to time, I have a look at the statistics showing which subjects are being accessed most, and which have hardly any entries.
I decided to try the Buildup function to search for basic words that had been missed. What a mess! Transitive verbs without objects, which are definitely needed in Polish, and no obvious way of inserting Aspect. Plurals, which should be in Inflections. Conjugated parts of verbs, which should also be in Inflections. Of course, if you enter these things, it bumps up the number...
» show full text
1864 birth record. Check me, please? » answer
by dfoote (US), 2013-03-07, 17:24  like dislike  Spam?  
A link to the birth entry image:

What are the usual translations of 'gospodarz' and 'panny'?

Działo się w Iłowie dnia dwudziestego siodmego Stycznia tysiąc ośiemset sześćdziesiątego czwartego roku o godzinie pierwszej z południa. Stawił się Benjamin Penner, gospodarz z Arciechowa lat pięćdziesiąt sześć mającej, w obecnósci swiadków Piotra Foth, gospodarza z Ładów lat trzydzieści cztery mającego i Krysztofa Janke za Krystyana z Iłowa lat trzy dzieści trzy liczącego, i okazał Nam Dziecię płci Męskiej urodzone w Arciechowie dnia czwartego Grudnia roku zeszłego o godzinie piątej wieczorem z Ewy Penner, panny, lat dwadzieścia dwa mającej. Dziecięciu temu na dano imie Henryk, cchrzest zaś dopełniony w zostanie dopiero w wieku dorosłym...
» show full text
Suggestions  #697528
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2013-03-08, 04:27  like dislike  Spam?  
You have done well transcribing and translating that entry.
For "gospodarz", see:
I would go for "landowner" or "householder" at that period. Anyway, not a labourer, an artisan, a tradesman or a landless peasant.
For "panny", see "panna":
It can also mean "virgin", which this young lady clearly was not. I would choose "unmarried" in this context.
PS: How did you obtain this entry? I have hit the wall trying to trace Polish genealogy.
Thanks!  #697660
by dfoote (US), 2013-03-08, 16:43  like dislike  Spam?  
Just about a week ago, there were some new releases of scans. I learned about the update from

The parish I needed happened to have scans now.

Here's the actual archive, with many other parishes:,list,4,1

You really have to know the parish of an ancestor's birth, marriage or death. Some of the books have indexes after each year, but the index pages are not indicated by the website and most books have a few years' worth. To find the indexes, I tried going to the last page, and then if the book had more than one year, I took the number of records the index listed and went back that many to get close to the index of the previous year.

But, I found my entry early on, because I knew the year...
» show full text
And thank you.  #697755
by Catesse (AU), 2013-03-09, 03:20  like dislike  Spam?  
I'll try out those links when I feel that I have the fortitude to apply my primitive Polish to the sites.
Your ancestor could have used several variant spellings, or have changed his name completely. Or have been deported to Siberia or moved to Austro-Hungary (especially if Lutheran).
I have been trying to find records from Pinczow and Szydlow. Some 25 years ago, I got to see the Pinczow Catholic records from the Church of Latter Day Saints, but the microfilm reel ran only from about 1800 to 1875 [?], which left a gap of about 15 years to the known ancestry, and I was unable to bridge it. At first, rather a shock when the parish records suddenly changed to Ecclesiatical Russian. Logical, of course: Congress Poland, and these villages were in the Russian section of the partition. But it sure makes things difficult for a researcher.
New stuff keeps appearing on internet, but it is not easy to locate, or to track what you want.
Do you know of any internet chat group (preferably in English) that devotes itself to Polish genealogy?
how about Facebook?  #697757
by dfoote (US), 2013-03-09, 03:38  like dislike  Spam?  
This page is semi-connected to
Facebook  #697759
by Catesse (AU), 2013-03-09, 05:34  like dislike  Spam?  
I am not on facebook. I have considered it a way to waste a dreadful lot of time, as well as being a bit dangerous.. But recently there have been some things that I wanted to access, and I could not do so, so I have been giving it some serious consideration. I'll consult my grandchildren. I know that at least one uses facebook.
The genealogy site looks useful. I had considered writing to people of the same surnames who still live in these townlets, and who must be related (if distantly), as the names are quite unusual. Their email addresses are online, but the contact might have been unwelcome. On facebook, at least the contributors would be willing.
groups...  #697823
by dfoote (US), 2013-03-09, 16:16  like dislike  Spam?  
I'm not very familiar with the Polish genealogy stuff out there. I know more about ethnic Germans in Poland, Prussia, Russia, Ukraine.

Have you checked out this place?
US focus  #697903
by Catesse (AU), 2013-03-10, 03:40  like dislike  Spam?  
I checked out Cyndi's list several years ago. When I checked it just now, at your suggestion, I found that a lot of new material had been added, but it was still heavily centred on German and Jewish records in Poland, and Polish records in the USA. If there was much on ordinary Poles in Poland, or Polish emigrants in other countries, I could not find it.
I shall try out your facebook link later, but I need to talk to my grandchildren first. I am nervous of facebook. I tried for two hours to phone them last night. Engaged the whole time. Two gossiping females in the house? Or phone out of service because of flooding? I have been working on this for years, so no great hurry right now.
heh.  #697905
by dfoote (US), 2013-03-10, 05:18  like dislike  Spam?  
Your nervousness of Facebook is understandable. It's not for everyone. It was created by and for the generation that was born with computers in their cribs.
I guess you did look at the mailinglists, newsgroups, and chats category at the link I sent you? Contrary to my efforts at translation, I'm not adept enough at Polish to know where to look for Polish genealogy. I'll keep an eye out and probably contact you through here if I find anything.
please translate for me » answer
by juliediane, 2013-01-20, 02:10  like dislike  Spam?  71.201.9...
Could someone please translate this paragraph into English?

poszukuje ta ku krypty łapa co dzieci zrnila . jeśli kto kolwiek wie kto kolwiek widział niech ktoś jej przekaże że dzieci to nie zabawka czekają i tęsknią w domu dziecka . Dzienk
Please see the guidelines! [try on your own first]  #692879
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), 2013-02-02, 15:39  like dislike  Spam?  
This forum is designed to allow users to share ideas and provide mutual help in correcting translations and understanding vocabulary. All feedback is given voluntarily by users and it cannot be expected that they will willingly provide free translations to lengthy texts where no attempt has first been made by the person posting. Machine translation (Google Translate, Babelfish or the like) does not count as your own attempt.
Dead end » answer
by Catesse (AU), 2012-10-10, 13:34  like dislike  Spam?  
I have tried my hardest to keep this site going and making progress. At first I tried to keep the number of unverified entries low, so that it would be easy for contributors to handle them, find them, comment and vote on them. It did not work. Then I tried making a lot of entries so that the standing of the site would rise. This has not worked either.
The site has now reached 1,000 unverified entries, of which 931 are mine. At this point, the computer has blocked me from making further entries, as is the general practice. Goodness knows, my knowledge of Polish is so elementary that most of my entries should be fairly easy to verify.
Kisku and I have done our utmost in quality and quantity for the progress of this site, but neither of us could guarantee that we have not made a blunder somewhere. Windfall has also done a lot and is better qualified, but she is also not a native speaker. Justycja's input, while valuable, is not enough to solve the problem, as she still has only VP4.
Unless some of our VP5 Polish native speakers resume contributing, this site dies today. Even an hour a month would make a significant difference.
Thanks for the post!  #676864
by admin (AT), 2012-10-14, 23:08  like dislike  Spam?  
And thanks for all your marvellous work and contributions to the project, especially its Polish part. Not just yours, but of all those you mentioned.

And if no native speakers are around to help, I hope the rest of us will take all the old fat dusty print dictionaries, roll up our sleaves, and solve all the pending entries. :)
-  #692880
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), Last modified: 2013-02-02, 15:46  like dislike  Spam?  
Did you ever try  #692881
by Heflamoke (DE/RS), 2013-02-02, 15:46  like dislike  Spam?  
to contact any of the old users?


We had similar problems in X/HU and sometimes it worked to reactivate old users or even recruit new ones. Sometimes the reason for them quitting was infact what you just described. If they knew that you and possibly others work now activly on X/PL they might even come back.
That's how it happened in some other pairs.

PS: When the cache is full I sometimes work on disambiguation or check translations before my time (meaning I didn't check them, so I don't trust them). You mostly reopen a couple entries here and there, and old users or any PL users are getting reminded via mail :) Encouraged by someone taking care of the dictionary they may be even interested in further contribution.
Heflamoke  #692926
by Catesse (AU), 2013-02-03, 04:33  like dislike  Spam?  
I had thought that this Contribute post would reach some of these, but then I realised that it would go only to people who had worked on the site in the past three months (I think). Ewcia works only occasionally now, although sometimes she puts in a massive effort. She has done so much that she cannot be reproached for taking a rest, though I wish she would look at some of my older entries, most of which are quite simple.With a job and a young child, Agnieszka has her hands full; I understand that she has little time. Ugania did some work on this site, but preferred the DE-PL site, and does not work there much now either. Wrzsowy and Kirq have done virtually nothing for some two years, and I think that they are no longer interested, or do not have enough time. And Kirq never did quite get the idea of dict formatting....
» show full text
Where is the verb? » answer
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2012-10-18, 12:41  like dislike  Spam?  
After having this on Forum for five weeks without a response, I entered it in another group and had two answers within ten hours. I think I am in the wrong place.
I need this text translated its broken polish and urkranian can anyone help? » answer
anonymous, 2012-08-02, 21:59  like dislike  Spam?  98.206.36....
Ja kyrva vem a hemy nic ei ne povidjalu jak Natalja Htjala to ei povidjalu Sho ne volno a tei kyrva nic nemogla povedit

please try to make out exactly what this says I appreciate it
Neither  #667585
by Catesse (AU), 2012-08-03, 00:34  like dislike  Spam?  
It is Slavonic, but it is certainly not Polish, and almost certainly not romanised Ukrainian.
Multiple posting  #667885
by Catesse (AU), 2012-08-05, 04:40  like dislike  Spam?  
This query was posted almost simultaneously on five other sites, mostly under the nickname "jstndnld". Only one provided answers - that it was a mixture of contaminated Polish and Ukrainian, mainly nonsense in either language, and vulgar at that.
accessory list for a wheelchair: "elements of the quick-metal whiskers"  ??? » answer
anonymous, 2012-05-17, 13:59  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.53...
Ths English text is a translation from a Polish text and it doesn't make any sense to me. As I can't speak Polish I can't even guess what the Polish author might have meant.
Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
Translation  #656747
by Catesse (AU), 2012-05-18, 06:34  like dislike  Spam?  
In that form, it makes no sense at all. Do you have the original Polish?
Polish words (as is the case with other languages) can have totally divergent meanings, and an automatic translator can stuff things up irretrievably.
(Could "quick metal" be mercury, and the "whiskers" sensors? Still does not make sense.)
Please give the original Polish, or a reference to a picture on internet, if possible.
Response  #656978
by Catesse (AU), 2012-05-20, 16:18  like dislike  Spam?  
Why do we bother spending time trying to help people who do not bother to respond?
Has this answer not been checked? Or is it too hard to acknowledge the effort made?
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